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Brooklands – London Bus Museum 41st Spring Gathering

Brooklands – London Bus Museum 41st Spring Gathering. This event held on the 13th of April, is now well and truly established at Brooklands, and celebrated the RT75 buses and the RM60. It is hard to believe that the famous RT buses have been around for 75 years, the first, RT1 was built in 1939.

Probably one of the most iconic sights on the London streets, even before the Routemaster buses that we all know and love, there were many fine examples on display for the public and bus enthusiasts alike to admire.

RT75 buses at Brooklands - London Bus Museum 41st Spring Gathering

RT75 buses at Brooklands Museum

In terms of the photography, which I sometimes forget to mention in these blogs, it was really quite straight forward. The weather on the day was perfect for this type of event, and really only needed the Canon AWB mode and Standard picture style. It is probably best to slightly underexpose the shots as the sunlight was quite strong, and the vibrant colours of the buses lend themselves well to this type of photography. A lot of patience however is needed, as these iconic vehicles have a huge following of fans, and everyone wants to be in the ideal position to enjoy them and take photos.

RT75 buses at the 41st Spring Gathering

RT75 buses at Brooklands Museum

There were lots of things for the whole family to do, including lots of market stalls selling bus memorabilia, books, models, prints and even old bus tickets!!.

The London Bus Museum on the Brooklands site was also busy. People were finding out more about the Heritage of these fascinating vehicles. Exhibits stretch back to the early 1800’s, when the first horse drawn buses filled the London streets, right up to the red double decker Routemasters that still have pride of place on London’s roads.

You can learn more about the history of London’s famous buses at the LBM website.

RT buses by the famous Brooklands racetrack and bridge

Pair of RT buses at Brooklands Museum

The photo above is one of my favourites from the day, two RT buses in their green livery proudly displayed by the racetrack at Brooklands.

You can see more photos of this event at the Heritage Photos website.

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